Bringing Decades of Experience and Expertise to Every Project

As a part of the Strike family of companies, Crossfire offers a comprehensive EPC solution for customers that is focused on providing governance, strategy, and transparency, beginning at the earliest stages of a project. Our EPC approach has the unique ability to present a unified and comprehensive engineering, procurement, and construction solution that is highly collaborative and wholly led by a single team.

A partnership with our expert EPC team ensures certainty and efficiency throughout the project lifecycle—strengthening relationships, assuring proper communication, and ultimately driving successful projects.

This EPC approach allows Crossfire to:

  • Understand and manage overall scope, schedule, and budget as a whole
  • Manage critical interdependencies
  • Minimize project costs
  • Bring in project managers at the forefront of the engineering phase
  • Identify, escalate, and resolve issues among projects and disciplines
  • Enact improved performance management and reporting across projects