Turnkey Energy Solutions

Crossfire will take your project from concept to completion with a full range of integrated engineering, construction, maintenance, integrity, and specialty services that span the entire oil and gas lifecycle. Our seasoned industry experts are capable of building any size facility, in even the harshest conditions, throughout the United States. 

We'll be there on the ground with your crew, providing everything from full constructibility reviews and conceptual estimates, to ongoing maintenance and certified inspections. We also maintain a full QC program with Certified Welding Inspectors on staff to meet the most stringent Quality Control requirements of our customers and ISO 9000 system.  

Crossfire’s facility services include:

  • Full-onsite safety services
  • Access road construction
  • Full-site preparation
  • Compressor and Facility Construction
  • All civil infrastructure:
    • Excavation
    • Concrete foundations
    • Compacted gravel pad foundations 
    • Backfill, compaction, and final grouting of your equipment
  • Installation of:
    • Underground utilities and pipelines 
    • Mechanical piping and structural steel
    • Pressure testing of all mechanical piping systems
  • Insulation services: 
    • Fiberglass 
    • Mineral wool
    • Calcium silicate
    • Foam glass
  • Fabrication of all mechanical piping and structural steel 
  • Blasting and coating services 
  • Instrumentation and electrical
  • Full site reclamation services including seeding, landscaping, finish grading; and site gravel installation